DTM Electric

DTM Electric

The season finals of the DTM race series in November 2020 at Hockenheimring marked the end of an era. In this very memorable moment, something new was presented to commence a new beginning and to push the boundaries of modern motorsport. The DTM Electric demonstrator vehicle was a fully functional race car with four powerful electric engines delivering 1200 hp. A new race series is planned for the near future underlined by the slogan "Tomorrow is now" and together with ITR GmbH, Schaffler and DTM we have contributed to the beginning of this new era.

Ideenion was responsible for the Engineering and Manufacturing of the exterior of this distinctive vehicle. The DTM Electric led the field on the opening lap at Hockenheimring, driven by the best-known German race drivers. We are proud to be part of this exciting car that will shape the future of the iconic DTM racing series.

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