De Tomaso P72
Apollo Automobil

De Tomaso P72

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2019, there was no getting around one particular vehicle: The De Tomaso P72 was one of the stars on the beautiful lawns of Goodwood and is a tribute to the glory days of the traditional brand, which is experiencing its revival with the P72.

Inspired by the De Tomaso P70 racing car prototype from the 1970s, we worked together with Apollo Automobil on the basis of the Apollo Intensa Emozione to create a statement that was very well received by the international press.

Ideenion was responsible for the interior of the P72, from the revision of the CAS design data and concept engineering to the final engineering and manufacturing of the interior. This interior was literally shining bright with a number of highlights: An open gearshift gate, redesigned bucket seats in fine leather and analog instruments - most of these parts were plated with real copper. The interior in particular is dominated by real copper and fine leather, just one example of our quality standards.

Since the Goodwood Festival of Speed is not known as a classic car show or classic car meeting for "garage queens", the De Tomaso P72 was of course fully functional and was allowed to do some laps on the test track there.

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