Audi Urban Concept

Audi Urban Concept

For the Frankfurt Motorshow in 2011 we have contributed to one of the most advanced concepts at that time. The Audi Urban Concept was unveiled as a fully functional concept car which was driving on its own race track inside the Audi booth at IAA in September 2011.

Ideenion was responsible for the early concept engineering of this special concept which was designed by Audi for the future of urban mobility. The concept engineering phase led to a driving test vehicle that formed the basis for the later presented vehicle. From integration of the drivetrain and battery package to the manufaturing of the concept car and its presentation in Frankfurt, we are proud to have been part of this exciting project.

The Audi Urban Concept was one of the greatest challenges during the first years after our renaming to Ideenion in 2007. It was a milestone of our long-lasting relationship with Audi and formed the basis for the cooperation for all following Audi concept cars that Ideenion has contributed to until today.

Picture Credit: Audi AG